All AEPC students will do USEPT in March. A few from PAE may opt to join them.

In addition to IELTS books used for exam prep classes, there will be 2 practice USEPT tests available to use in exam prep classes. The first is available now – click on the USEPT tab above to find it. These tasks can be used at any point during the term.

AEPC Students will take the reading-into-writing component in addition to the independent writing task. AEPC students who are not doing exam prep classes can be given the practice tests for self study. There are also model answers available for the writing tasks.

There are also presentations about each USEPT component available. All of these are useful and can be shared with students, but the one for reading-into-writing in particular should be given out as the task may be unfamiliar to students.

There is also a folder titled “Shared_Materials”. This was empty at the time of writing. If you create resources that work well, particularly for the reading-into-writing task, do please share them.