First Day PPT 

Slide 11 refers to the teacher giving the students questions to answer from the handbook. It is up to you how/if you do this. There is no longer a handbook quiz included in the handbook.


PPT PAE 2015 – 16


Presentation to show students how to register for online workbook


Week 1 Mini tutorials

Please see all documents and materials required for Mini tutorials in week 1 of the term

These are the tasks that students complete on Friday whilst the Tutor is carrying out tutorials. Please see the “teacher sheet” for full instructions. the four final documents are sample texts from the Breaking News Website – Please feel free to choose others.



Writing-Task-1-Continuing students Term 3

PAE Needs Analysis 2015 -16


Sample Breaking News English reading and discussion texts – please see Friday tasks teachers sheet  above for suggested procedure and web link with access to alternative stories


Lack of sleep gives you the munchies (harder)

New device keeps air in your house safe (easier)

Starbucks recycling coffee cups (easier)

Women only trains starting in Germany (harder)