Reading into Writing task (weeks 4 & 6)

The following document contains all the information about this task (description, aims, RAG assessment, essay question & sources): Reading into Writing task – T’s notes

You can find texts to use for this task in this folder (there are word documents of texts and also scans from textbooks where the texts have been taken)

This a sample worksheet that could be given to students to complete this task.

These are the feedback forms that you could use with your students for this task:

PAE first draft marking sheet

Peer feedback form

Reading into writing task – Self-evaluation


Formative Assessment:

Formative Assessment Term 1 Guidelines

Formative Assessment Student Report

Formative Assessment Guidelines – Student version

Formative Assessment Class Report


PAE/ELP Presentation feedback sheet


In order to track your students’ progress, you may also want to use the following documents:

General writing notebook

In-class mini-writing activities notebook

Class diary + noticing diary notebook