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Adding supplementary materials - PAE / ELP

Dear all,
Now that the term is nearly over, and while ideas are still fresh in your mind, why not share some of the supplementary materials that you have used with Language Leader? You can do this by adding to the Google docs that can be found on the portal here: Just click on the link of the book you would like to contribute to, and a Google doc will open. You can then add your own materials, comments, links to videos or reference to other materials.
Your contributions will help build a bank of supplementary materials that will link with each of the units in Language Leader Pre-Int, Int or UI. This will be extremely useful when we start term 1 next year, as we will be using Language Leader.
If you have used another book this term (e.g. Global Int or LLeader Advanced), and you would like to contribute, please contact me directly and I'll create a new document.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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