If you would like the one of the TEL team (Nick or David) to come in to your class to do a specific session with your group, you can use the calendar below to book a slot. You can choose from the list of sessions below or you can request a specific topic you would like a session run on.

  • Introduction to University of Sheffield technology and online services (this is for classes with ONLY new students)
  • Presentation tools and skills (better use of Powerpoint and intro to other online tools such as Prezi)
  • Using the University of Sheffield online library services
  • Effective search skills using Google and Google Scholar
  • Using software and online tools for effective referencing and citation (Mendeley, Proquest Flow)
  • Creating surveys and questionnaires using online tools (Google Forms)
  • Organising classroom notes, vocabulary and information online
  • Online tools to collaborate and learn autonomously outside the classroom (Google Drive/Docs)
  • Better brainstorming and essay writing using online tools (mind-mapping software etc)

How to book a slot

Please note that you need to be logged into Google to view the calendar below (you must have logged into MUSE and opened email)

  1. Scroll down to the calendar at the bottom of this page and find a suitable time/date that has a grey box with Available on it.
  2. Click on the grey box. A dialogue box should click open with some fields to complete.
  3. The What space can stay the same, just leave the information
  4. In the Where space, type the name of your classroom (e.g. B5, C8)
  5. In the Description space, type your name, the name of the session (e.g. Effective Search Skills OR Presentation Tools etc) and your group (e.g. PAE01, AEPC04)
  6. When you have done that, click Save and you’re finished. You should receive an email shortly afterwards confirming your booking.